Love Actually Movie earrings
Love Actually Movie earrings
Love Actually Movie earrings
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Love Actually Movie earrings

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"To me, you are perfect", I whispered to these Love Actually VHS earrings. 

Choose unique accessories this festive season, with some hilarious Christmas movie earrings. You'll turn heads and draw smiles as people recognise the best* Christmas movie of all time in miniature on your ears.

If you look for it, when you wear these earrings, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love, actually, is all around.

(*unproven fact)


Handmade in Brisbane, Australia from lightweight wood and paper.

[VHS approx. 35mm(h)]


Please note: these earrings are NOT waterproof! As they are made from wood and paper, Cheeky Little Monkeys does not recommend getting them wet.